20 New Features You May Have Missed in watchOS 10


20 New Features You May Have Missed in watchOS 10

Apple's watchOS is known for its continuous evolution and regular updates. One significant update that you might have missed is watchOS 10, which brought several exciting new features and improvements. In this blog post, we will explore 22 new features that make watchOS 10 a game-changer for Apple Watch users.

1. Enhanced Messaging Experience

watchOS 10 introduced a more interactive messaging experience, allowing users to reply to messages with emojis, scribbles, and even send animated handwritten notes.

2. Customizable Watch Faces

Now you can personalize your Apple Watch with customizable watch faces, including options to add complications, such as weather information, activity rings, and upcoming calendar events.

3. Breathe App

watchOS 10 introduced the Breathe app, designed to help users practice mindfulness and deep breathing. The app guides users through quick breathing exercises to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

4. Improved Activity App

The Activity app received a makeover in watchOS 10, providing a clearer overview of your daily progress towards your fitness goals, with enhanced animations and achievements.

5. Water Lock Mode

WatchOS 10 introduced the Water Lock mode, which prevents accidental screen interactions when swimming or in wet conditions. Users can activate Water Lock from the Control Center.

6. Emergency SOS

With watchOS 10, users can now make an emergency call from their Apple Watch by pressing and holding the side button. This feature is particularly helpful in critical situations.

7. Home App Integration

If you have a HomeKit-enabled smart home, you can control your devices directly from your Apple Watch using the new Home app in watchOS 10.

8. Improved Workout App

The Workout app received several enhancements in watchOS 10, including the ability to analyze your pace, distance, and heart rate during outdoor runs more accurately.

9. Auto-Unlock

If you have a Mac running macOS Sierra or later, the Auto-Unlock feature in watchOS 10 allows you to unlock your Mac automatically when you are wearing your Apple Watch.

10. Theater Mode

watchOS 10 introduced Theater Mode, which enables users to temporarily disable the Raise to Wake feature and mute all sounds and haptic feedback to avoid distractions in a theater or other dark environments.

11. Find My iPhone

In watchOS 10, you can now use the Find My iPhone app on your Apple Watch to help locate your misplaced or lost iPhone.

12. Time Travel

With the Time Travel feature in watchOS 10, users can now rotate the Digital Crown to scroll through upcoming events, weather information, and other updates on their watch faces.

13. Face Gallery

watchOS 10 introduced the Face Gallery, which allows users to browse and download a wide range of watch faces from the App Store, enabling further personalization of their Apple Watch.

14. Third-Party Complications

Developers gained the ability to create complications for their third-party apps in watchOS 10, providing users with more options to customize their watch faces with useful information.

15. Automatic App Install

If you download an iPhone app that has a counterpart Apple Watch app, watchOS 10 enables automatic app installation on your Apple Watch.

16. Improved Music App

The Music app in watchOS 10 received several improvements, including better navigation, the ability to browse your music library, and control music playback on your iPhone.

17. Remote Camera Control

In watchOS 10, users can use their Apple Watch as a remote control for their iPhone camera, making it easier to capture the perfect shot or take a group photo.

18. Activity Sharing Competitions

WatchOS 10 introduced Activity Sharing Competitions, allowing users to challenge their friends and family to see who can earn the most activity points over a week.

19. Wheelchair Users Support

watchOS 10 added specific fitness and health tracking features for wheelchair users, providing them with more accurate and relevant activity goals and progress tracking.

20. Find My Friends Complication

With watchOS 10, users can add a Find My Friends complication to their watch faces, allowing for quick and easy access to the location of their friends and family.

These are just a few of the notable new features watchOS 10 brought to Apple Watch users. The update delivered improved functionality, enhanced communication options, and an overall better user experience. Stay tuned for further updates from Apple as they continue to innovate and refine their beloved wearable device.


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